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WE ARE A TRAVEL AGENCY - Roamer’s is a travel agency that provides personalized, expert service in selling group tours and cruises. We combine the service of a dedicated travel consultant with the latest technology to ensure that you get the best service and the best value. We service discerning travelers from all over the world who appreciate top notch service and efficiency. Roamer’s saves you time and energy by doing the research and comparison shopping for you. We stay abreast of travel industry developments, including keeping track of promotions to help you find the best value amongst our expertly curated tours and cruises.

Travel Specialists

Connect with the most knowledgeable travel specialists for your vacation.

Unique Experiences

Go beyond your imagination with unique experiences recommended by experts.

Exceptional Itinerary

Experience the wonder of an exceptional itinerary crafted just for you.

Our Mission

Roamer’s aims to restore and replenishe emotional, creative and physical energy for customers through life-enhancing services and leisure experiences; and, to be an easy and friendly company to deal with, understanding the frustrations and vagaries of travel-stay-food and to give our clients simple, quick and efficient solutions to their variant travel requirements.


What We Offer

All our journeys begin with a dream, so did ours. Roamer’s was founded by three friends of travel industry who have 75+ man years of experience in travel industry equipping them with extensive knowledge about places, cultures & people. Wherever you want to go, we will help you get there. Experience our inherent drive to be the best in the industry and our commitment to personalized travel services.

Optimum Service Levels

Roamer’s mainly focuses to provide it’s customer’s be it individuals, a group or a corporate, with satisfactory services by ensuring a their travel is flawless, enjoyable and comfortable one.

Sustainable & Maintenance Services

Roamer’s has been developing, testing, and sharing their inclusive methodologies, tools and knowledge to enable self-directed sustainability for the travel and tourism industry

Time Management

At Roamer’s, we give paramount importance that we sell the right trips to the right audience.Our role as travel agents and resellers is to help our customer’s achieve this is significant. They are the cogs in the machine that is our travel business.

Innovation & Creativity

Roamer’s travel executives always invest efforts to formulate new and creative ideas, mix and match the travel products with am aim to make your experience a unique one comprising of admiring memories.

Co-Ordination With Professionalism

At Roamer’s over the years has created a well coordinated network between it’s various stakeholders, hoteliers, and partnered agencies, transport operators, communities etc. to provide it’s customers with coordinated details at every step of their travel while adhering to professionalism.

Offers & Promotion

At Roamer’s, we do not restrict the offers that come to us, we selflessly promote these offers among our customer’s bringing to them affordable solutions. We promote our partnered agencies among our customer’s making sure that the customer gets the maximum benefit.


Roamer’s understands your complex travel requirements, be it an individual, a group or a corporate entity, we coordinate at personal levels to our customer’s requirements in depth to provide them bespoke solutions as per their dates, preferences and budgets.

Proper Guidance & Commitment

Roamer’s pledges to provide transparent services with proper guidance and 100% commitment towards every customer. We strive to meet all commitments since we look forward to serving you again.


Roamer’s has been very successful in attaining referred business, which has been a result of it’s adherence to transparent practices and working in ethical manners.


Roamer’s believe “keep on improving” takes a man to higher levels. So, we work hard constantly to improve our processes with an intent to make ourselves the best practitioner in travel industry.


Roamer’s is known for its honest and clear ways to working with it’s customer’s; therefore these customers feel secure while investing their time & money with us while we provide them with ever memorable services.

Cost Efficiency

The range of our products varies from low- budgeted to highly expensive ones thus taking all the worries about your economical conditions.

Personal Attention

On arrival you ll be esp. greeted by our representative and while checking in the hotel you ll be welcomed with a warm smile of the hoteliers. Our Daily calls will acquaint you with your day schedule and will also acknowledge us if the tour gliding as promised without a hitch or being just a hassling trip for you. After all, there's nothing more comforting than a friendly face in a faraway place.



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